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Healing the Quantum Way


At Healing the Quantum Way our goal is to provide healthy wholistic relief for those experiencing the pain and disability of chronic illness. As well as optimizing health and increasing sports performance for athletes and health conscious individuals.

We specialize in assisting people with conditions that Dr.'s have diagnosed as chronic, degenerative, permanent, genetic or any other way of saying it will never get better. We offer the possibility and hope that it can be different and it will be different.


At Healing the Quantum Way our services are designed to provide individualized solutions for your unique health challenges and goals.

Although we are often grouped into broad categories (such as having “Chronic Fatigue”, or even being a “Competitive Athlete”) each one of us presents symptoms or challenges in a unique and individualized way.

The Biofeedback System is used as the base system to evaluate where there is stress in the body. That combined with body specific kinesiological testing allows us to develop a specialized program for you. Together we will review your circumstances, medical history, needs and goals to identify which approach is best for you.