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Practitioner Testimonials

The INDIGO Biofeedback System is connecting people from around the world, with lifestyle improvements and inspiring stories.

I was having dizzy spells that would last hours, sometimes even up to a day at a time. Slurred speech, sight-impairing migraines, and acute confusion were a normal part of every week. My body ached when I woke from sleeping, and could not stay asleep longer than one hour at a time without sleep drugs. I was constantly bitterly cold, and my skin was pale and ashen. I was having “mysterious symptoms” that would not point to a single cause, and these symptoms sent me to the emergency room twice and the neurologist once, all in three months. I missed more work days than allowed under the Family Medical Leave Act, and was getting in trouble at work when I was there, due to a lack of focus. The doctors could not diagnose me; one emergency room doctor told me I would be dead in thirty days. Something drastic had to happen to save my life.

One session with Leslie allowed me to sleep for five hours that first night. I was no longer cold and my face was blush with color. I could breathe through my nose (a side effect of the session fixing my sinus problems) and my headaches and migraines were gone for three months with just that one session. My vision seemed clearer instantly and I could then concentrate on small tasks at work. Leslie Kubin was a Godsend and I have my life back.

Thank you Leslie!

Julie Polak

I am sending this message to record my gratitude for what you have done for me.

You were able to not only diminish the specific ailments I had but upgrade my general health level such that I feel better than ever.

Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,

Karl G. Kantarjian

Paso Robles, CA

Karl G. Kantarjian Paso Robles, CA

I only need to use one word to describe Leslie and her ability to heal……….


My deer face chihuahua had been having frequent seizures for a few years now.  The seizures were not very severe and lasted maybe 10 seconds long, but it broke my heart with every one.

After listening to others tell me that Leslie saved their animals life, I decided to give Healing the Quantum Way a try.

After one single session, there was indications of possible parasites in and around his brain.  My baby boy was treated immediatley and has never had another seizure!!  My baby boy and I are so very thankful for Leslie’s expertise!!

Christine V. and Ti’mone

Paso Robles, CA

Christine V and Ti'mone Paso Robles, CA

I have been seeing Leslie for approximately three months. My initial visit was to test the waters of Bio-feedback. I had issues with inflammation throughout my body. It was so bad in my right hand that I could not even make a fist, use a pair of scissors or brush my hair. I was becoming panicked  as the inflammation was traveling to my left hand and shoulders. I trusted Leslie to find the cause of the inflammation and she did. I followed her prescribed regimen and now can use my left hand totally pain free and my right hand has 85% use back. I am an active person and I felt as though my life was over at 55 years of age. I saw hand specialists, orthopedists’, and my primary care physician. I even went to a Natural Path doctor prior to finding Leslie. Never again. They said because they couldn’t find anything, nothing was wrong with me. I am living life again and loving it…

Lisa P. - Paso Robles, CA

I have been a RN health care professional for 30 years. My experience over the years has crossed many areas of allopathic and natural health care. I have pursued interests in Integrative Medicine as my passion and have acquired insight and aptitude on integrative approaches that I now utilize with my integrative practice in an independent Wellness Clinic, providing comprehensive alternative care with Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine, and Acupuncture.

My services are blended utilizing the INDIGO Biofeedback device, Auriculotherapy, Mind / Body / Energy work and electromedicine modalities for pain, stress and addictions. I also have been an instructor for this advanced technology for the past six years and feel that many health professionals are finding this as a tool to add to their practice.

Statistics have shown that more dollars are spent out of pocket on alternative approaches since 1997 and will continue to be the driving force for healthcare that is becoming more proactive and preventative with the health conscious public awareness.

Over the last five years, integrating biofeedback services for clients with headaches, fibromyalgia, smoking addictions and pain, I have been able to improve the lives of over 10,000 clients.

Faith Nelson, RN – Springfield, Missouri

I am a holistic chiropractic physician, and have been doing energy work since the 80’s. I have used a variety of energetic devices in my practice, and lecture internationally on Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – two areas I have had great successes with for my patients. Using this technology (INDIGO Biofeedback) I am able to pick up on stresses and toxins that otherwise I could not find.

It assists me in my overall health assessments. As an intervention, the device is able to normalize the body’s frequency patterns and give clients a greater potential to heal.

Dr Bruce Nelson, Holistic Chiropractic Physician – Big Fork, Montana

I am a Professional Nurse (Dipl. General Nursing, Midwifery, Nursing Administration and Community health). I started the biofeedback practice last year and am now doing it full-time. I have had successes with reducing the stress and symptoms of clients experiencing skin disorders and sinusitis. Attention deficit / learning disability is also quite common in my practice – adults as well as children benefit with the INDIGO relaxation training of brainwaves protocol.

The following stress related issues have also been successfully balanced for many of my patients as a result of INDIGO stress reduction: pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, circulation, blood pressure, menopausal syndrome, infertility, nutritional and sugar imbalances, addictions, lung disorders, shoulder problems, arthritic disorders, rheumatism, digestive problems, nerval disorders, weight loss.

In general are the patients very happy with the coaching and advice they receive, as well as comforted by the fact that they are referred to other health professionals if necessary.

Ronel Newman, RN – Canada

I am a Molecular Biologist (University of Delaware graduate), Holistic Nutritionist (Clayton College of Natural Health – B.Sc., Master’s and Ph D Program) and Biofeedback Specialist. I use the INDIGO in my practice for Weight Reduction, Weight and Stress Management, Anti-Aging and much more…

My clients have excellent results and they all refer me new clients. So, as a result my business keeps on growing and expanding. My clients love the device because it helps them increase their consciousness of their stress issues. They know where they are in their healing pathway and where they need to go.

Dr Violetta Anninou – Greece

I have been in conventional medicine as an OB-GYN for 24 years in my private solo practice. I had two offices and 18 employees and used to work 80 hours per week. In 2000, I could no longer continue to perform surgeries or deliver babies due to neck and back injury.

As I evaluated my options, I discovered holistic medicine, and after re-educating myself, I restarted my new practice and resigned from all insurance plans.

Along the way, I came across various modalities that improved my ability to help my patients. When I came across the INDIGO, I purchased it after I saw the improvement that my wife had after one session on it. Since then, I have treated 490 patients with a variety of health issues with 90% improvement rate.

Among the issues that I was able to improve were insomnia, vertigo, nightmares, panic disorders and stress, just to name a few. There have been no side effects.

One of my most memorable successes was with a 26 year old female with Interstitial Cystitis (chronic bladder pain), who was able to return to a normal lifestyle after three sessions.

In my 35 years in clinical practice, I never came across a better modality.

Moshe Dekel, MD – New York, New York

When I landed at Healing the Quantum Way I felt like I was three steps from death. I was jaundiced from a medication-provoked hemolytic crisis, I couldn’t sleep, had trouble eating, was anxious (panicked really) and fearful that not only was I getting sicker but that I couldn’t tolerate the medication recommended by my doctors. I was running out of hope.

After one session I felt a ray of light reenter my world. I was more relaxed, able to think clearly, and had considerably less pain and anxiety. By the third treatment I was thinking clearer, sleeping better, and was certain that our biofeedback and detox sessions were making a huge difference. Over the coming weeks I watched the lab results from my liver return to normal, the yellow leave my eyes, and the hope return to my heart.

I was convinced that this approach could help me and many others – I scheduled appointments for my family, friends, my kids, and my husband. I cannot tell enough people how good this can make you feel – especially if you have gotten used to feeling really rotten. So thankful for all you do!

Lindsay P. – Templeton, CA