Acupoint Integrative Technique (A.I.T.) and Nutritional Assessments

Nutritional assessments are performed by a technique developed by Daniel Newell to assess the body and determine its specific nutritional needs called Acupoint Integrative Technique (A.I.T.).

A.I.T. looks a lot like standard “muscle testing” – but in practice actually blends both kinesiology with the body’s acupressure road map to create a robust and highly accurate approach for “listening” to your body’s nutritional needs for optimal health and healing.

At Healing the Quantum Way we use only the very best in nutritional supplements for our clients. Having experienced first hand the benefits and results of following a protocol comprised of Standard Process supplements, Leslie has completed the rigorous training and certification to be a provider of Standard Process Supplements.

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Standard Process is a nutritional supplement provider founded by Dr. Royal Lee. Dr. Lee believed that good health came from good nutrition and the best nutrients came from whole foods. He also believed that the proper use of whole food supplements was best accomplished through the informed guidance of a health care professional and a professional assessment of the individual’s nutritional status. These are two philosophies that Standard Process Inc. (“Standard Process”) has upheld since the company’s founding in 1929.

Standard Process whole food supplements, Veterinary Formulas, (canine/feline/equine), and MediHerb herbal supplements are sold only through Standard Process licensed/certified health care professionals who follow Dr. Lee’s rigorous quality standards and client care standards.

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A.I.T. is the most comprehensive system of evaluating an individual’s nutritional needs (adults, children and all animals), combining both kinesiological (muscle) testing and Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV), in a highly sophisticated system of energetic systemic nutritional analysis. It is a non-invasive health assessment system that provides an accurate assessment of the body’s energetic health and stressors, based on the energetic function of the acupuncture meridian system.

Testing begins by identifying the systems of the body that are under stress: lymphatic, endocrine, immune, vascular, musculoskeletal, digestive, hepatic, sympathetic/parasympathetic, central nervous system, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and other physiological systems.

Homeopathic nosodes, nutrition and herbal supplement test vials are used to help identify the underlying energetic stressors that are causing imbalances/stress in various parts of the body. A.I.T. helps to identify and verify the most specific and effective combination/dosage of nutritional supplements that will support the areas of the body that are stressed and to support balancing the underlying energetic stressors. It helps to eliminate subjectivity and a “cookbook” approach to nutritional recommendations.

A.I.T. is used to test the body’s innate, energetic response to nutritional supplementation, monitor the changes that occur, and identify appropriate adjustments to the individualized protocol, as a person becomes balanced. The result is a specific, directed and highly effective program of clinically-designed nutritional program available to achieve optimal health goals.

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