Increasingly, health practitioners and medical providers are recognizing the importance of “detoxification” to support the body in ridding itself of accumulated toxins, chemicals and pathogens.  Detox therapies are the perfect way to support the body, to get the most out of your treatment protocols and lay the foundation for the return to restored health and vitality.

Our detox services include:

Purification Program and Weight Loss

At Healing the Quantum Way we can assist you in a 21 day program to nutritionally support your body as you clear excess toxins and lose excess weight.

This is a remarkable program created by Standard Process.  These unique, whole food supplements boast over 30 years of research into the formulation of their detox program.

Ionic Foot Detox Bath

The foot detox bath is a quick, relaxing effective way to release toxins from the body. In under 30 minutes, this specialized ionic bath emits rife frequencies that can assist with general relaxation, pathogens, parasites, fibromyalgia, Shuman wave (earth frequencies) and cancer.  Appointments can be scheduled with one or two people at a time for 30 minutes, or consider scheduling a double session for one hour to experience accelerated results.

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