Many people have heard of “biofeedback” as a tool capable of measuring common physiological functions like skin temperature, heart rate, respiration, and muscle tension. At Healing the Quantum Way we use the advanced INDIGO Biofeedback system.

The INDIGO Biofeedback system is a state of the art biofeedback system capable of measuring voltage, amperage and resistance to over 11,000 frequencies.  These are measured by the galvianic skin response from straps worn on the head wrist and ankles.

Sessions are both comfortable and relaxing, while helping to retrain the body to a more balanced state.

Balancing the body can aid in reducing muscle tension and pain response, and increasing immune response and general wellbeing.

Children & Families: Kids love biofeedback and the relaxed environment at Healing the Quantum Way. Leslie’s direct and calming way of working with kids puts them immediately at ease, and makes appointments enjoyable for kids regardless of age. Babies can sit in their parents’ laps during relaxing and soothing biofeedback sessions, and some as young as 1 year begin requesting to sit for appointments by themselves with their parents by their side. Sessions are so peaceful and relaxing, don’t be surprised if your little one falls asleep or daydreams the appointment away. This is the body’s natural response to healing influences, and helps them integrate the therapy in a way that is gentle and best suited for their young bodies.

Pets: Like kids, pets love biofeedback. Leslie’s love and compassion for animals shines through in every appointment in every situation. It has been her great pleasure to assist dogs and beloved pets with their recovery from injury, illness and general health maintenance.

Horses: (Race horses, roping horses, Dressage) – Leslie has been blessed to live in proximity to a world class horse facility in Central Coast whose equine residents benefitted regularly from her biofeedback services and healing way. Whether your horse is injured, ill, or would benefit from optimal health support on their journey to performance excellence, biofeedback is an excellent, non-invasive way to support your horse.

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FAQs about Biofeedback are answered Here.

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