Insurance Codes

While we do not take insurance for your services, we can give you a “super bill” that you can use to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

In addition, some clients have had success using the following insurance codes.

We post them here for your convenience in submitting your super bills to your insurance carrier.

CPT Codes:

90901 Biofeedback training by any modality – (billed in 15 minute units)
95999 Unlisted neurological or neuromuscular diagnostic procedure
96150 The initial assessment of the patient to determine the biological, psychological, and social factors affecting the patient’s physical health and any treatment problems.
96153 The intervention service provided to a group. An example is a smoking cessation program that includes educational information, cognitive-behavioral treatment and social support.
97112 Neuromuscular Re-education procedure

ICD Codes:
308 Acute stress
314 ADD
314.01 ADHD
335.2 ALS
300 Anxiety
354 Carpal Tunnel
784 Headache
346 Migraine
782 Numbness
627.2 Menopause
724.5 Back Ache – unspecific
401.9 Hypertension
307.81 Tension Headache