At Healing the Quantum Way, services can provide relief for those experiencing the pain of chronic illness, as well as for people who want to regain optimal health or performance.

People who have experienced success include people diagnosed with acute and chronic illness, pain, fatigue, accidents, trauma, hormonal changes, allergies, ADD, ADHD, Autism, MS, Lyme disease, and other elusive health challenges.



At Healing the Quantum Way our services are designed to provide individualized solutions for your unique health challenges and goals.

Although we are often grouped into broad categories (such as having “Chronic Fatigue”, or even being a “Competitive Athlete”) each one of us presents symptoms or challenges in a unique and individualized way.

Leslie’s clients usually see quick results, however the longest lasting benefits come from regular sessions.

The INDIGO Biofeedback System is used as the base system for most client sessions, but together we will review your circumstances, medical history, needs and goals to identify which approach is best for you.



I only need to use one word to describe Leslie and her ability to heal……….


My deer face chihuahua had been having frequent seizures for a few years now.  The seizures were not very severe and lasted maybe 10 seconds long, but it broke my heart with every one.

After listening to others tell me that Leslie saved their animals life, I decided to give Healing the Quantum Way a try.

After one single session, there was indications of possible parasites in and around his brain.  My baby boy was treated immediatley and has never had another seizure!!  My baby boy and I are so very thankful for Leslie’s expertise!!

Christine V. and Ti’mone

Paso Robles, CA

Christine V and Ti'mone Paso Robles, CA